Bespoke Furniture

Our Bespoke furniture Service

So what is “bespoke“? Originally a term used to describe tailor made suits and shoes but now, anything commisioned to a particular specification. The word has evolved into more of a concept, implying exclusivity, luxury and limited runs or “one offs”.

So what is bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose, use or location, commissioned by you the client. It can be as unique and individual as you could imagine or it could be as simple as a made to measure piece that matches features or furniture already present in the space.

So why go bespoke ?

A bespoke custom made piece of furniture from us will be designed and hand made to your exact specifications, and made to last unlike mass produced alternatives.

Naturally this service generally will cost more initially, but the longevity aquired from the built to last quality and materials will balance this out over its life.

We provide a comprehensive service for your bespoke furniture requirements, from the start of the process we will guide you through the near unlimited options available.  Through use of CAD design software and sketches, we will evolve the design to exactly what you are looking for. We will then provide you with a no obligation quote and timescale for the production, and a mutually convenient date for delivery or installation.

From free standing pieces such as dining tables and coffee tables, to fitted wardrobes , bookcases, alcove storage, seating areas, librarys and home offices, we will design and create exactly what you are looking for, in the materials and finish of your choice.

If you are looking for Bespoke furniture in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, leicestershire and across the midlands please contact us.